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Interpretation from our RSI Studio

Interpretation is often confused with translation, but they are in nature different: interpreters work with the oral language and translators work with written texts.

In RSI*, interpreters work remotely, allowing the hiring of highly skilled and specialized interpreters located anywhere in the world. The interpreter requires a reliable and robust internet connection, a computer, headset, and a clear and stable sound source. The audience requires access to the enabled interpretation channels.

*RSI means Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, there are other variants such as VRI Video Remote Interpretation and OPI Over the phone interpreting.

We provide state-of-art technology in our RSI Studio, fully equipped with the best technology to guarantee an unparalleled interpreting service.

Technical specifications of our RSI Studio:

* Main Laptop (Intel i7-9750H CPU, 32GB RAM, 64 bits),

* Secondary laptop (Intel i5, 11th Gen, 16GB RAM)

* 2 Backup laptops (Intel i7, 8GB RAM, 64 bits)

* 24-inch-monitor with landscape and portrait modes,

* High-speed fiber optic internet with 400Mb download and 400Mb upload, wired and wireless with redundancy provided by 4G LTE service,

* UPS specifically for the modem and router,

* UPS specifically for the sound mixers, interpreter's console, monitor, and laptops

* Top quality Sennheiser headsets with noise-canceling and both USB and analog connections (PC-131, G4ME ZERO),

* Audio mixer and external USB sound adapters (Sennheiser and Soundblaster)

* Williams Sound IC-2 interpreters console, all in a silent room equipped with an interpretation booth and acoustic panels.

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