Conference Interpreting

Interpretation is often confused with translation, but they are in nature different: interpreters work with the oral language and translators work with written texts.

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Professional Translation

Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text.


Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation
Interpretation is done in real-time while the speaker is producing a speech. This mode requires the use of specific equipment (e.g. interpretation booths, headsets, microphones, etc). A clear, stable sound source is essential. The audience requires interpretation receivers.



It is recommended for conferences, courses, congresses, seminars, meetings.


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)

Interpreters work remotely, allowing the hiring of highly skilled and specialized interpreters located anywhere in the world. The interpreter requires a reliable and robust internet connection, a computer, headset and a clear and stable sound source. The audience requires access to the enabled interpretation channels.


There are other variants such as VRI Video Remote Interpretation and Over the phone interpreting OPI.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation
In consecutive interpreting the interpreter begins only when the speaker has finished the speech, generally, the interpreter takes notes. This service can be provided remotely, it is known as RCI - Remote Consecutive Interpretation.


It is not recommended for technical subjetcs, courses. It is important to note that consecutive interpreting requires additional time since the interpreter conveys the message after the speaker.

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Other interpretation variants:

Whispered interpreting

Interpretation is live in a sense, but without all the equipment. The interpreter is located next to or near the person(s) needing the interpretation and whispers what is being said so as not to disturb those around them. 


Liason and scort interpreting
In liaison and escort interpretation an interpreter works as a liaison between 2 or more people who speak different languages. The liaison interpreter interprets the contents of the speech of each of the speakers in both directions. An escort interpreter performs the same functions as the liaison interpreter and also accompanies the client to any site they may need to go.



This may be ideal on business trips, dealings with foreign people in international agencies, sightseeing, etc.

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Translation variants

General translation

Specialized translation

(technical, medical, legal, etc)


Sworn translation

(AKA legal, certified, public)

It is endorsed by the signature and seal of a Sworn Translator who is authorized by the corresponding authority.

Literary Translation

Checking Text on a Document


Localization is about more than rewriting the text into a different language. It adapts your message to local audiences. Localization is widely used for websites, mobile apps, software, video games, multimedia content and voiceovers.

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