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Low-Cost RSI Platform

Affordable, safe and efficient channels

  • 1 h
  • From $50 per hour
  • Bogota DC

Service Description

Interpretation can be quite costly, in many cases it can only be afforded by large organizations with the resources this service generally requires. We can offer a cost-friendly solution using your own video conference system and our dedicated-per-event interpretation channels providing all the security and confidence your event requires. We offer a professional service to individuals, small, medium and large organizations that require simultaneous interpretation at a convenient cost. This methodology, tested in real situations, solves the inconvenience of not having access to mainstream interpretation solutions or platforms. We are experts in VRI (Video Remote Interpretation), RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation), and RCI (Remote Consecutive Interpretation). We provide optimal conditions and resources, among others: professional and experienced interpreters familiarized with conference platforms such as Kudo, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom. We provide state-of-the-art technology such as: laptop (Intel i7-9750H CPU, 32GB RAM, 64 bits), 24-inch-monitor, high-speed fiber optic internet with 400Mb download and 400Mb upload, wired and wireless with redundancy provided by 4G LTE service, UPS specifically for the modem, top quality Sennheiser headsets with noise-canceling and both USB and analog connections, Williams Sound IC-2 interpreters console, all in a silent room fully equipped with an interpretation booth and/or acoustic panels.

Contact Details

  • Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia


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