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I have an event and I need interpretation, but consecutive or simultaneous?

If your event is highly interactive or technical, a conference, symposium, congress, keynote speech, international meeting or similar cases, we recommend simultaneous interpretation.

If it is a press conference, interview, informal meeting, we recommend consecutive interpretation.

There is also the option of simultaneous interpretation with portable equipment, very useful if mobility is required or in the case of several interlocutors who speak up to two languages. This system perfectly replaces consecutive interpretation if the number of participants does not exceed 50.

Finally, and in keeping with these times of social distancing, remote interpreting, which can be simultaneous or consecutive, is very much in vogue. However, as a general rule, whenever possible, simultaneous interpretation is preferable because it is direct, discreet, there are no awkward interruptions, no pauses, and the interpreter does not play a leading and noticeable role in the event.

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